ARG themed Cryptic Hunt


No. of Team(s)1

Participant(s) per team

Discord Channel Prefixcyquest


  1. This is an enigmatic cryptic hunt encompassing elements of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), where every step decides the next.
  2. The hunt will last for 72 hours from October 29, 2020, 0000 hours to October 31, 2020, 2359 hours. (extendable)
  3. Prior registration is required for participation. Participants must register in teams at
  4. A problem statement will be issued one hour before the hunt commences, detailing the format and scoring pattern.
  5. Learn more ARG’s and cryptic hunts from our learning resources.
Varun Mittal : 8920828858

Sagar Pant : 9891159017