Silico Battlesv16.1

The battle is on, to reach for the stars

Oct 29, 2020 - Nov 6, 2020

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"Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life finds a way."

- Ian Malcom

Silico started as an endeavour to guide young minds in the ever uncertain IT industry. Today, it stands as an epitome of what a bunch of high-schoolers can achieve.

Premiering Fall 2020, we invite you to come, and create along, in two hand curated hackathons.

Express. Explore. Experience.

The Events


Build failed, like the previous one


Care less. Kern more.


Abguvat jvyy or guvf rnfl


No questions asked.

Sr. Programming

!false (It’s funny because it’s true)


Deal with Crop. Not with Crap.


Think outside the box bin.


Drone awn and awn and awn.

Respawn (Console)

Lost? Console yourself.

Respawn (PC)

Severe control issues

Cartoon Making

Before the paintbrush had a stroke

Logo Programming

A snapping turtle