Web Designing

Event Details

Max No. of teams per school: 1

No. of participants per team: 2

Time Alloted (Finals): 1:00 hour

Class: 9 - 12

Event Head | Anav Chaudhary
| 8506909035

Event Head | Vipul Varshney
| 9205769404

»Topic for Prelims: The participants have to make a landing page for iPhone XS and submit it on http://silicobattles.com/webo.php
Note: Use of frameworks except jQuery may lead to disqualification. The website will be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, visual appeal and coding skills. » Participants should submit the zip file of the webpage.
» Usage of templates is strictly prohibited.
» Scores are for coding skills, creativity and originality.
» The prelims should be submitted latest by 12th November, 2018. Top 10 entries will be short-listed to compete in the on-site Round 2 (Finals).
» In Round 2, participants will have to design a website on-the-spot using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
» Topic will be declared on the spot.
» Software Provided: Brackets, Sublime Text 3, Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop CC.
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