Event Details

Max No. of teams per school: 1

No. of participants per team: 2

Class: OPEN

Event Head | Vasu Gambhir
| 8860042535

Event Head | Priyanshu Gupta
| 8527885329

» All robots must be controlled wirelessly or using wires from outside the arena. (Wire should be atleast 5m long).
» Only first 25 registered teams will be allowed to compete.
» A maximum of 24 volts DC is allowed for powering the robot.
» Only plug points will be provided, participants have to bring their own DC adaptors for robot.
» The maximum allowed weight of the robot must not exceed 20kgs.
» Each robot must have an active weapon for use in attacking the opponent.
» Max. Dimension of Robot: 70cm x 70cm x 60cm
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