Bass Face

Event Details

Max No. of teams per school: 1

No. of participants per team: 2

Time allotted: 1.5 hrs

Class: 9 -12

Event Head | Raghav Jain
| 8448727431

» Prelims:
» Songs must be upto 3 to 5 minutes.
» Use of third party plugins and samples is not allowed, only stock plugins are allowed.
» Participants can produce any genre.
» Partcipants have to submit their own produced tracks latest by 12th November, 2018.
» Top 15 entries will be selected for the final round.
» Participants should submit the zip file of the flp and .mp3 or .wav.
» Finals:
» Participants HAVE to bring their own headphones and splitters.
» Tracks, plugins and rules will be declared on-the-spot.
» Software: FL Studio 12 (ULTIMATE PRODUCER EDITION 12.5).
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